Profitable game-changing
customer experience

The Escher Platform is a game-changer in allowing you to meet the needs of today’s digitally savvy customers. Get to market faster. Activate new revenue streams. Optimise your revenue, cost and resource model at every point of engagement. Dynamically change the experience for your customers.

Transform points of engagement

Using The Escher Platform your customers can engage with your Post anywhere, anytime. Transform your channels, services, points of engagement and physical locations. Guarantee always-on customer experience across billions of transactions and thousands of points of engagement. Monitor transactional data, agent performance and customer engagement to make smarter business decisions.

Accelerate post

The future belongs to the fast. Our intelligent automation streamlines transactions and drives efficiency. Built-in system prompts accelerate agent performance at each point of engagement. Operationalize new points of engagement in hours, roll-out new services in days and introduce third party services overnight. The platform can automate updates and changes at scale.

Drive continuous innovation

Outpace the market when it comes to innovation. The Escher Platform allows you to continually deliver new transactions, services and innovation. You can quickly experiment, test and roll-out new ideas. Technical updates are easy-to-digest. This minimizes downtime and breaks the old IT system replacement cycle. The platform is modular and configurable to the specific requirements of your post.

Realize new economics

The Escher Platform fundamentally changes the economic game for posts allowing you to deliver increased profitability. Shift from a fixed to a variable cost base by optimising cost and resources at all points of engagement. You can quickly drive incremental revenue. Intelligent guidance helps agents to up-sell and cross sell. Leverage your existing IT infrastructure, reduce complexity and more from your IT budget.

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