Taxes, Duties & Compliance

Shipping the right things to the right people, in the right place, at the right cost can be difficult.  Customs regulations change faster and more dynamically than ever before and it’s nearly impossible for posts to keep up. Riposte Taxes, Duties & Compliance solution, posts can easily expand cross border services, leveraging the platform’s core features in product classification, product restriction screening, taxes and duties estimation, and denied party screening.

Cross Border Simplified

This solution help posts meet all regulatory requirements, provide better cost transparency to their customers, and improve customer loyalty throughout the supply chain



Greater visibility on landing costs

Real-time product restriction screening

Denied party checking


Accurate HS6 global export codes

Reduced risk of fines and penalties with prodcut restriction screening

Guaranteed compliancy with government custom laws


Fully compliant counter experience

Real-time taxes and duties

Product classification

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