Riposte PUDO

Riposte PUDO offers a complete solution for Postal operators to establish their own PUDO network. Riposte PUDO allows Posts to quickly expand their reach, availability, and access to customers through third-party outlets, agent networks or franchisees. The Riposte PUDO app equips Agent Networks to conduct postal transactions on the Post’s behalf, with very low set up costs and minimal maintenance requirements. Riposte PUDO includes access to the award-winning Riposte Platform and three applications that sit on top of the platform, enabling you to offer a full PUDO solution.

Escher Customer Testimonial

“PUDO allows our third-party partners to offer postal-related goods and services to consumers who visit their store. This drives up sales and increases our reach.”



Reduction in delivery costs

8 %

Increase in profit margin


Increased options for locations to conduct postal services and pick-up and drop-off parcels.

Extension of opening times for more convenience in completing postal transactions.

Hassle-free eCommerce returns process.


Rapid expansion of sales force and network with minimal capital outlay.

Additional revenue from enhanced service availability and access to consumer-facing agent network.

Compete with other delivery services by offering more convenience.

Alleviates busy periods.

Increase eCommerce revenue due to streamlined delivery and returns processes.

Real-time data assists decision-making.

Can help offset reductions in rural postal network.


Increased footfall and income through offering postal services to their consumers.

Limited training required for employees.

Minimal hardware or software investment required to operate system e.g. only requirements are a mobile device or desktop, and a printer.

Ability to provide services via Windows/Android/iOS PUDO app.

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