The Escher Platform

Our unique software platform is purpose-built for profitably transforming customer experience for Post retail and logistics organizations. You can transform every point of engagement and deliver exceptional experience across every channel, service, engagement touchpoint and physical location.

Platform Capabilities


Designed with embedded best-practices for Posts and Logistics organisations


Manage transactions and points of engagement

Channel agnostic

Engage anywhere with self-service, guided and full-service options

Intelligent automation

Post-centric applications automate transactions and drive speed and efficiency

Complete observability

Real-time capture, visibility and access to all transactional data

Simplified administration

Centrally managed, auto-updates

Full integrity

Ultra-secure and resilient

Room to experiment

Flexibility to test new ideas and services securely

Points of Engagement


Using our counters solution, you can offer consumers a broad range of transactions from post and retail to banking and bill payments. You can quickly add new services and scale as you grow, all from a single user interface.


Automated self-service kiosks provide your customers with always available postal services. Create 24/7 postal services. Extend the reach of your post office, add new revenue channels, offer additional services and reduce cost.

Mobile Point of Service

Our Mobile POS (mPOS) allows you to engage customers as they enter your post office increasing efficiency and improving customer experience. Put post office services at your customers’ doorstep or at their fingertips via our postal worker and consumer app solutions.

Riposte PUDO

A PickUp DropOff (PUDO) point is a location that allows customers to collect and drop-off
parcels. PUDO locations provide a practical way for busy consumers pick-up and dropoff packages. It allows posts to quickly expand their reach, availability and access to customers through third-party outlets, agent networks or franchisees.

Taxes, Duties & Compliancy

Powered by Hurricane

Customs regulations change faster and more dynamically than ever before and it’s nearly impossible for posts to keep up.  Using our Taxes, Duties & Compliancy solution, posts can easily expand cross border services, leveraging the platform’s core features in product classification, product restriction screening, taxes and duties estimation, and denied party screening.

Customer Satisfaction

Posts recognise the importance of customer satisfaction, but few have a strategy to access the right data and harness it to provide insights to the business.  Escher’s customer satisfaction solution is made up of three distinct products – Riposte Insight, Riposte AI and Riposte Digital Onboarding. The ideal solution aligns to the Post’s relevant stage in the Customer Maturity Journey.

Limitless Potential

Enjoy limitless potential to manage transactions and add additional channels. We love collaborating with clients to explore and introduce new customer engagement opportunites. Get in touch to discuss your requirements.


Our programmable ecosystem allows you to easily integrate with third parties and continuously to deliver innovative services to your customers.




Track & trace




Money transfer




Govt services


Utilities / Bill payment



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