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Mobile Point of Service

Our Mobile Point of Service (mPOS) allows you to engage customers as they enter your post office increasing efficiency and improving customer experience. Consumers get immediate service, real-time information, and quick turnarounds making them more likely to return.

Mobile Postal Workers and our Consumer App brings services right to the consumer’s home. Our Mobile Postal Worker solution can be deployed on any mobile device. It packs Post Office services into the mail carrier’s pocket and brings these transactions to the consumer’s doorstep. Our Consumer App places the Post Office right at your consumer’s fingertips. It enables Posts to coordinate content delivery, product offerings, and loyalty across multiple channels.

Escher Customer Testimonial

“Everything’s going mobile. Using mPOS we can get consumers through the line quicker and reduce pressure on the counter. Not everyone can get to the Post Office, especially in rural areas. By equipping mail carriers with mobile tools, they can deliver transaction services wherever they interact with our customers—at home, at work. With the App, we’re seeing great opportunities to connect with our consumers.”



Improved customer experience from additional engagement points.

Schedule, send and receive parcels and mails from home.

Pay on delivery/collection with cash or card.

Reduced waiting times in the Post Office.

Conduct retail transactions through the app’s eCommerce functionality.

Enjoy loyalty and personalised rewards for frequent transactions.


Increase postal, retail, payment and financial services revenue with a cost effective 24/7 solution.

Build, run, and monetize mobile apps for consumers.

Faster transaction times drive increased volumes.

Automatically manage data via a central system that easily integrates with your existing IT systems. Securely track cash-on-delivery and card payments.

Effectively schedule employee and mPoS availability for peak seasons.

Empower employees to develop new skillsets outside the counter.

Initiate loyalty programs to cross and upsell products and increase retention.


Accept Cash-On-Delivery and card payments.

Conduct transactions quickly.

Identify optimum delivery routes.

Increased security with help button to call for assistance.

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