Automated self-service kiosks provide your customers with always available postal services in multiple locations. Posts are now offering kiosks in shopping malls, airports, universities and more. Extend the reach of your Post Office, add new revenue channels, offer additional services and reduce cost.

Escher Customer Testimonial

“Self-Service Kiosks will play a big part in how Postal Operators redefine their point of service locations over the next five years. Escher’s innovative Self-Service Kiosk reinforces their positioning at the forefront of postal sector technology.”



Access postal services outside standard Post Office opening hours and peak times.

Send mails and parcels both domestically and internationally.

Carry out a range of transactions including preparing parcels, printing labels, paying with card or cash, receiving receipts and connecting to loyalty programs.

Interactive layout makes it simple to navigate through transactions.


Greater revenue generation due to wider range and availability of products and services.

Faster transaction times leads to increased transaction volumes.

Integrate with ERP, back office, and peripherals.

Easily add new functionality as the popularity of the Kiosks grows.


Increased footfall due to additional services availability.

Offer new complementary products and services.

Improved consumer experience encourages future transactions.

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