Customer Satisfaction

With 3 distinct products – Riposte Insight, Riposte AI and Riposte Digital Onboarding, the Riposte Customer Satisfaction Solution gives Posts access to the accurate real-time data they need to build actionable customer-centric strategies.

Riposte Insight

Riposte Insight enables Posts to collect data and analyse results and trends in real time. Riposte Insight works outside the business through intuitive survey tools, and from within by providing insights an recommendations that improve the efficiency of your business

Rispote AI

Riposte AI takes the data from Riposte Insight and develops advanced predictive analytics using an Optimisation Recommendation Engine. These recommendations provide actionable insights which can be implemented quickly.

Riposte Digital Onboarding

Riposte Digital Onboarding helps optimise your customer onboarding process, saving time, increasing customer satisfaction and engagement.

Understanding is the key to Engagement



Intuitive and simplified customer experience

Increase engagement

Tailored experiences


Greater Speed

Informed and actionable data

Real-time information and reporting

Drive feature adoption


Return on investment and impact on revenue

Drive feature adoption

CRM data integration

Multi-channel data collection

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