Using our counters solution, you can offer consumers an impressive range of transactions, all from a single user interface. You can quickly add new services and scale as your Post Office grows. By automating back-office services, you can reduce overheads and increase efficiency. Most importantly streamlining the Counter enables the Post Office to develop long-term recurring revenue streams and enhance the overall experience for your customers.

Escher Customer Testimonial

“The Escher solution and technical support has enabled us to completely modernise our Post Offices and reshape our telecom, postal and banking processes.”



Quickly complete a range of services including bill and Government payments.

Save time by performing multiple transactions in a single visit to the Post Office.


Improve revenue streams from postal, retail, payment and financial services.

Seamless integration systems, devices and peripherals.

Customize, manage, and create new products and services.

Reduce operational costs by streamlining processes.


Automate back-office services including transactions, stock management, consolidation and reconciliation.

Easily manage all postal, retail, government and financial transactions from a central location.

Identify key consumers and deliver appropriate services automatically.

Easy to use, intuitive user interface that requires minimal training and support.

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