Retail Automation

Some of the most demanding retail environments worldwide are served by Escher’s Commercial off the Shelf automation solution.

Escher ensures our retail clients maintain their competitive advantage by increasing footfall, sales and loyalty and enhancing the retailing experience.

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Escher has engineered our RiposteEssential™ POS solution to be the most efficient and intuitive of its kind. Clients only ever need to deploy one system across their retail network. It can handle more product and service types than any other solution while providing opportunities to up-sell, cross-sell and offer promotions.

Our clients benefit from a seamless front and back office function so that all transaction data, consumer engagement initiatives, accounts and stock management are fully automated. This way retailers have real-time access to critical information about their customers’ buying patterns and can adapt quickly.

We are creating innovative software products that extend the point of service beyond the cash register. By doing so, retailers are empowered to offer a truly omni-channel experience which gives customers greater choice in the way they shop. This is serving to improve customer interaction by creating agile and flexible workforces that are more responsive to customers' needs.

Significantly, our retail automation solutions work on all major operating systems, integrate with third party or in-house applications, are device agnostic and are highly scalable. So whatever service clients want, they can get up and running in no time at all.

Escher’s Retail Automation solution provides features that support the complete integration of front and back office operations. From streamlined accounting management and reporting to inventory and vendor management, Escher’s Retail Automation provides complete transparency enabling the freedom to quickly identify, calculate and account for every single transaction performed.