Postal Counter Automation

Escher Group’s automation software has long been established as the leader in the postal and courier services industry.

For the last 25 years Escher's solutions have been providing postal organizations with opportunities to diversify earnings, enter higher growth markets and remain competitive in increasingly challenging markets.


Escher's RiposteEssentialTM platform is the foundation for our scalable postal counter automation solutions. Agnostic both to operating systems and device platforms, RiposteEssentialTM is a future-proof omni-channel solution. Customers receive a continuous experience from any number of touchpoints, whether it is online, kiosks, ATMs, counter or mobile, giving greater flexibility and choice.

From this single software platform all front and back office functions are fully automated. Postal organizations can streamline many of their processes to reduce operational costs. New products and services can be added easily so that postal organizations become a one-stop shop for mail, parcel services, bill payments, retail, eMoney, government services, financial services, banking services and much more.

With the decline of physical mail, we are working with our postal clients to expand into higher growth areas such as digital mail and to offer value-enhancing financial services.

The Postal Counter Automation solution incorporates features aimed specifically to support postal, courier and logistics services such as mails, weighing packages, scanning tracking labels and printing mailing labels. In addition, the interface is clear, practical and easy to use while the intuitive layout and simple transaction workflow practically eliminate the need for end-user training.