Digital Government Strategy

What is Digital Government as a Service?

To learn more about implementing a digital strategy for local, municipal, or national services, download Escher's comprehensive whitepaper. 

The following topics are covered:

  • The role of Digital Government as a catalyst for positive change in society

  • The need to offer a portfolio of software and real life services

  • Well designed, useful, and convenient services that engage citizens 

  • How governments can capitalize on mobile technologies and social media


Going digital isn’t a simple ‘lift and shift’. Government needs to weigh the time, cost, and priority of services before moving to the cloud. While the business case for switching to eGov services appears attractive, governments are understandably cautious, mindful of balancing the books and avoiding public criticism if projects fail to deliver. 

Digital Government as a Service resolves this for governments by eliminating financial risks and avoiding the need for up-front capital investment.

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