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Government Software: 3 Steps to Adoption

1: Adopt a cost per transaction model. 2: Leverage existing platforms. 3: Invest in well-designed user experience

How do you Build a Great Retail Loyalty Programme?

Learn how you succeed in business by growing your company, customer base and profit using retail loyalty program software.

Customer Engagement Strategies - Part 1: Loyalty Programme Software

We all recognise how vital customers are to business, but have you ever considered how important data and customer loyalty software are to your company? Statistics and information can be a vital component to staying ahead of your competition, retaining customers and winning new business. Use this to your gain not to your disadvantage.

4 Steps To Fight Public Sector Cyber Crime

Public sector cyber crime is still proving to be highly profitable for criminals - taking the most progressive and experienced companies by surprise. Don't let your company's safety become compromised.

From Legacy Platforms to Creating your Legacy

An examination of legacy IT systems in the public sector and the steps involved in digital transformation of government services.

The World of eGovernment in 2017

Technology is revolutionizing the way citizens engage with government services. Check out this infographic for a whirlwind tour of global eGovernment stats.

Lessons to Learn From New Zealand’s Digital Government Revolution

New Zealand is known for its prowess at rugby and for the iconic Lord of the Rings trilogy that was filmed there. But it’s also a trailblazer when it comes to the world of digital government.

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